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Patented in the USA and Canada
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We believe that the art of eyelash extensions is mastered with time, patience, and first-class training. Lash artists can take their skill to the next level by choosing LiquiFan Lashes, the stunning revolution in eyelash extension systems. Our patented instant CURE system allows the artist to apply more lashes per session flawlessly. LiquiFan is a system so revolutionary that new artists will love the ease of our training process.
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LiquiFan has had a patent since 2015 in the USA and Canada. We worked with chemists to create our patented products. Our products utilize innovative minds and superior cutting-edge technology that separate us from all other lash companies.

LiquiFan Lashes

With the ease of the LiquiFan Lashes patented instant CURE process we save you time and in return you will earn more money and have more clients with our one-day training course. Less stress, less mess, and straightforward learning!

"Learning the LiquiFan Lash System has changed everything for me. It was very easy to learn and my client's lash retention has never been better! I can't recommend LiquiFan Lashes enough! "

Lash Artist: Kaitlyn Milwaukee, Wi

"“I was very frustrated with how long the glue took to dry and the life of the lashes was not long. With LiquiFan I love how the glue cures instantly and I can achieve a much fuller look without lashes sticking together. Plus it stays on much better!”"

Kylyn Parag, Lash artist, Tucson, Az

"“I’ve been using the LiquiFan System for almost four years now and wouldn’t dream of doing lash extensions without it. It makes applying lashes a breeze and lessens the time it takes. My clients appreciate the lasting hold and quick dry time. I do not advertise and all my new business comes by word of mouth which speaks to the satisfaction of my clients. Thanks LiquiFan!”"

Heidi Minea St. Paul/Mpls MN

"“As a lash professional no line keeps my clients coming back for more like LiquiFan! Using the system ensures with proper care my clients receive the absolute best from their treatment. Upon completion I have the confidence of 100% client satisfaction. Love LiquiFan!!!”"

Sharla Hearns, Owner & Licensed Esthetician SharlaPatrice Lash & Skin Studio

"“This is the product I’ve been waiting for. I’m so happy with the results. It makes my clients eyelash extensions last longer. I can’t think of any reason anyone wouldn’t use LiquiFan Lashes. My clients have noticed the difference since I have switched and I absolutely LOVE the new Bond Ultra adhesive! The fact that they do not have to worry about getting their lashes wet for 24 to 48 hours is a big plus.” "

Crystal Boyd, LiquiFan Lash Artist

"I have been a customer of LiquiFan for close to 10 years. From the education to the customer service I've never been disappointed. If I ever have questions the company is quick to respond and products are always shipped immediately. I would recommend LiquiFan to any new or seasoned Lash professional any day! "

Lash Artist/ Esthetician

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