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Was founded by Nova Grober-Beschta. Nova has over 15 years of lashing experience. He created LiquiFan Lashes out of the frustration of the limitation of 24-48hrs of wait time for his clients before getting their extensions wet, to the mess of the actual application and poor retention with the products that were readily available to him at the time. 

When Nova created LiquiFan Lashes he set out to create a system that was easy to teach, mess free, and most importantly saved time. This was all accomplished through the discovery of LiquiFan lashes and it's instantly drying/curing process after each extension is applied. With the new lashing system LiquiFan Lashes, Nova saw an immediate positive impact on his business. He could now provide a more lush application, which meant his client's lashes would last longer and he was able to add more clients to his schedule without increasing the hours he worked. More clients= More Revenue. LiquiFan Lashes is a patented system in the USA and Canada.

"I am passionate about creating flawless lashes and perfecting the process for eyelash extensions worldwide. Thank you for your interest in LiquiFan Lashes. I know once you try our system you will wonder how you ever did with out it before"

-Nova Grober-Beschta 

Lash Extension Artist, Founder and President of LiquiFan Lashes 

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Our mission is creating flawless lashes and our passion is to perfect the process for eyelash extensions worldwide. Our motto is enhancing beauty with integrity and commitment.

Our desire is supporting you in your business and together revolutionizing the industry.

Our cutting edge standards are displayed in the creation of superior products and collections.

Our commitment to your business is creating a streamlined ordering process and ease in calculating your profits.

With our ease of training we support you in becoming the best artist or having the best artist in the industry.

Our goal is supplying you with all the information you need to excel in business and create a completely satisfied and excited client base.


We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions from you! 

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"To watch a new client look in the mirror for the first time after I apply their lash extensions is my greatest satisfaction"

-Nova Grober-Beschta

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